New year’s resolution on Spoonflower

I’ve been freelancing for years, mostly in design and television/artistic direction (stylism and decor). After a few health problems a re-aligned my goals and became a part time sewing teacher. (I’ve been sewing all my life so it wasn’t a big leap). Teaching in an unconventional fabric store I was introduced to the world of textile design. So, in 2013, my resolution was to participate on Spoonflower weekly contest for fabric design… Still being true to my resolution I’m embarquing in the 7th month. So far I’ve been in the top ten 9 times (21 contests so far…) but never closer than the 3rd place… I’m still aiming for the first place every week. I hope i’ll be able to garnish my portfolio as a textile designer over the course of 2013 submitting my weekly designs  (and more) and be ready to knock on some doors in 2014. So you’ll hear about my ups and downs in search of ideas for fabric designs, but also crafts, and sewing projects in between. Welcome to my blog, Julie 😉


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