Singning crickets…

The results of the “Horses” Spoonflower weekly contest came in yesterday and as predicted I didn’t make top ten. But to my great surprise the top ten was’nt as I expected. I’m really happy that ‘Mulbery tree’ got to be in the 10 firsts with her sea horses it was well deserved. I scored a low 77th place out of 224 around the world contestants. I’m in the first third but I’m impatient to be back closer or in the top ten.

This week the theme was ditsy crickets (ditsy meaning small-scale scattered patterns). I was really happy about my design and hopping  (and it’s been true for each week) that nobody had the same Idea. This week I’m ALONE! Nobody had nearly the same inspiration and color choice. I stand out. I’m really happy about my guts. The response was numerous and fast. I had 12 comments and favourites waiting for me when I got home from work. Normally when I score well I have about half that a day. I’m hopeful again, but still supertitiously crossing my fingers and toes wishing for a good outcome.

Here’s the design I made :


This week-end I’m working on “Highways and Byways” and going to the flea market for inspiration and nic-nacs… I wish a full and inspired weekend to all!


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