Waiting impatiently…

Tomorrow the results of Ditsy Crickets of the weekly Spoonflower contest will be in and the “Highways and Byways” votes will begin…

Ditsy crickets has so far one “like” from FB, 11 “likes” from Spoonflower and 15 comments (positive). I hope it’s a good sign for me to get closer to the top ten again. I’m so proud of this one!

I’m also very happy about what I submitted for Highways and Byways contest. Even if I submitted my entry 20 minutes before midnight (deadline), I’m proud about the non-traditional approach of the theme. I didn’t want to be an exclusive design of Canadian landscapes and attractions or California state’s witch I did a few years ago. They both have breath taking landscapes but I wanted to be international and funny.

So….. I submitted unrealistic highways, byways, attractions and landscapes all related to the sewing world…. What a feedback and a quick on too. Normally I begin to received comments and likes the day of the contest’s posting. But this one got attention. Already a few hours after it’s entry, I had one and then 4 more kind comments during the day. I sure hope it’s a good sign. You can go vote for it if you want starting tomorrow at noon


Its called Julie’s byways and it looks like this :

Julie's Byways preview


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