Assassin’s Creed 1 costume details…Part III – Vambraces (arm plates)

I did the Vambraces (or arm plates) of the Assassin’s Creed 1 costume.

Here how I proceeded :

You will need for the vambraces :


– Foam sheets – Pen – Scissors – Silver pen wide tip  – Silver pen narrow  tip – Hole puncher


After printing the vambraces design (found them on deviant art) I cut each of the 5 leaving about 3mm – 1/8″ around them. Then I retraced around all of the 5 with a pen on a black foam sheets (dollar store). I cut all of them on the line with scissors.


With the printing on the side I retraced de design on each foam shape with the silver pen, making the details with the fine tip pencil.


I punched the holes with the hole puncher.


I managed to cut and sew a belt out of vinyl for my friend and we applied decorative nails with the industrial puncher.

Now I’m waiting for a photo from our assassin’s creed enthusiast!

The rest of the costume has been done with the very complete tutorial from this website :

I hope this tips and tricks will help you complete your Assassin’s Creed Costume.


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