Decoration for Halloween & Winter/Christmas – hand made BROOMS

For Halloween I wanted to decorate dramatically the way to the front door for all the trick or treaters.

This year we had a few wind storms that made branches from the trees fall off, way more than usual. So, since it was tricky to get rid of it all (city overwhelmed by the amount) I decided to use them… to decorate!

IMG_0800 IMG_0801

I decided I would do witch brooms. I collected all the little branches to make the bristles and 5 big ones 2″ (5cm) diameter and 6′ (1m75) long to make the handle.

With a pair of pruner and lopper I cut all the little branches in 12″ (30cm) to 24″ (60cm) sections. and made 5 piles evenly distributed  (the best that I could).

To the tip of a handle, I attached the thickest of the little branches all around with twine-nat rope. I put gloves to make it tight without burning my hands and asked for a second pair of hands to help me hold everything while I was attaching the bristles . I made three layers from the thickest to the thinnest bristles. Attaching the branches in bunches the best and the tightest that I could.


I didn’t care about the perfection of it because; I thought it would look like a witch made it up herself, and in a hurry so…. It gave imperfect, perfect witches brooms!

Once all five were done I attach the handle the the hand rail with fat tie-raps.

IMG_0804 IMG_0806

I dispersed the brooms all the way up to the front door, bristles up to make a creepy – witchy entrance for the trick or treaters and voilà !


But wait for it… I took them off after Halloween,  but I kept all them for the winter time, so I can make snow man with beautiful brooms 🙂


I hope you liked my DIY Halloween / Winter-Christmas easy to make BROOM-decoration!


Assassin’s Creed 1 costume details…Part III – Vambraces (arm plates)

I did the Vambraces (or arm plates) of the Assassin’s Creed 1 costume.

Here how I proceeded :

You will need for the vambraces :


– Foam sheets – Pen – Scissors – Silver pen wide tip  – Silver pen narrow  tip – Hole puncher


After printing the vambraces design (found them on deviant art) I cut each of the 5 leaving about 3mm – 1/8″ around them. Then I retraced around all of the 5 with a pen on a black foam sheets (dollar store). I cut all of them on the line with scissors.


With the printing on the side I retraced de design on each foam shape with the silver pen, making the details with the fine tip pencil.


I punched the holes with the hole puncher.


I managed to cut and sew a belt out of vinyl for my friend and we applied decorative nails with the industrial puncher.

Now I’m waiting for a photo from our assassin’s creed enthusiast!

The rest of the costume has been done with the very complete tutorial from this website :

I hope this tips and tricks will help you complete your Assassin’s Creed Costume.

Assassin’s Creed 1 costume details…Part II – Chest Buckle

I did the chest buckle for my friend’s teen son Assassin’s Creed 1 costume.

Here how I proceeded :


You will need for the chest buckle :

– A metal ruler – Scissors – A Utility knife – A Thick cardboard (3mm or 1/8”) – A cutting mat – A Pen – Something round like a penny – A hole puncher – Metal wire – Plyers – Contractor glue – Glue gun – spray glue – Aluminum foil – Q-tips – 3 metal ring (2cm or 3/4″) – Black paint – A paint brush – A rag or paper towel


° First I draw a triangle with rounds corners (using a button or a penny to do so).

Triangle has 7,75 cm (about 3″ ) sides.

° Then outlined the triangle on the thick cardboard

° Cut 2 times CAREFULLY with the utility knife on the cutting mat with the metal ruler for the sides




° I punched 3 holes at the 3 corners of ONE cardboard triangle with the hole puncher

° With the pliers I folded the metal wire so a loop would stick out of each of the 3 holes




° Try to level the wire on the same plan at the back of the triangle

° Fold the 2 ends of the metal wire inwards


° Put contractor glue inside the triangle were all the wires ends, leaving the loops outside and unglued

° Put the other triangle (without holes) on top of the glue

° Insert the rings into each loops with the helps of long-nose pliers

° Put a weight on top of it and let it dry over night


° Draw the sign of the chest buckle

° Follow the drawing with a hot glue gun to give it a raised design

° Cut a piece of foil slightly bigger than the triangle

° Spray glue OUTSIDE on the dullest side of the foil



° Put the foil sprayed surface towards triangle

° Push every bit of the surface to reveal the raised design made with the hot glue, do it with the Q-tips for the little details.

° Cut all around the triangle leaving just enough to fold it underneath the triangle

° Paint all the surface black

° Folding the paper towel to create a smooth surface, dab the surface just to wipe the paint off the raised part of the design.


° To finish we put vinyl belts through the rings and with a punch we hold in place the belts with decorative nails.

How-to-do the vambraces in part III …

Assassin’s Creed 1 costume details… from a Halloween “clinic” on my FB

I thought, after analyzing what people tell me and FB feedbacks, I would share my “out-of-the-box-get-it-done-as-perfectly-as-possible” thinking.

I posted on my FB, at the beginning of the month, a Halloween clinic for all my friends who know me and my solution thinking. So I got technical questions like how to do a “tutu” for underneath a princess dress, to inspirational questions like how would you approach a “queen of the Wolves”. But one of my student and dear friend have a teen boy who desperately wants to costume as Assassin’s Creed 1 for Halloween. Here’s an image from fan pop :


So she got the white Hoodie part down!  It’s pretty much basic sewing and very well explained on this web site :

I would add a bating layer to add a little thickness to it, if wanted, but I have nothing to add to this very well explained tutorial.

What she struggles with is the “triangle”part of the shoulder belts. It involves welding.

She also not quite sure how to attack the armplates called “vambraces”.  It involves professional broderie for the other.

So keep in mind that it’s a Halloween costume and not a cosplay costume and that time and money are limited.

I’ll try to help her and do the triangle part and arm plates with other easy to find materials “faking” the metal appearances with paint or foil. I’ll take photos and describe all my steps if ever you have an assassins creed enthusiastic friend who wants to do the same.

Wish me luck.

On my way to a working sewing studio

One of the most exciting part of putting together a room is the last details that brings every thing together.

I’ve always had a soft part for antiques and “the old days” and how we use to do things right. Don’t get me wrong, I looove this days for technology, communication and accessibility. But through out all the flea markets and pass down stuff, I gathered a few beautiful elements that I decided to put on a stage wall for my sewing studio. First I managed to save a few frames by repainting them. I bought a few new empty ones.

I used every single and last element that was from near or far related to sewing that I gathered over the years and decided to either frame them or simply screw them directly on the wall.

I started with a shallow frame that was given to me and pined the best needle booklets I had in it. I’m so thrilled with the result :


I’ll put a photo to show you soon all the frames and other old stuff up on the wall once is totally finished. (I still have 2 holes to fill in) and still doing my weekly challenge of participating on the Spoonflower contest.

This week is small geometric shapes. And the winner has custom made shoes… that speaks to my girly side!!!

Keep you up to date!

Back from my vacation, what a human experience

I have been back from my vacation for a couple of days and been running like a crazy lady since.

To sum it up :

I didn’t re-do my website. I started to plan my sewing lessons, I almost finish the way for the students. I”m down to decoration and lighting details in the sewing studio (I’ll have photos soon and even a video). I had fun going to farmers markets to buy antique sewing accessories to put in my frames.

I didn’t had time to create my fabric website. A friend told me about Béhence, so I’ll try it as soon as I can have a day for it. I’ll post the link for sure!

Family came over, and I took the time to learn and know about them which was refreshing. Unfortunately the vacation started with funerals so it was brutal.

I visited family too and took the time to be self-centred for 4 mornings, by doing my yoga on a pier giving on mirror like water (that was so grounding!)

As for my Spoonflower contests entries : “Fireflies” I came up in 13th place (246 entries),  for the “Fashion” contest I was 68th on 314 entries, and I manage to enter “Cut and Sew Pencil Case” again I was in 13th place (81 entries). It was a low participation contest because it required a full pattern with explanations so that will eliminate a lot of the “easy” entries.

Then it was “DimSum” which had a restricted color palette. I was really proud of this design. It gave me a dumpling craving for a week 🙂 but I came out 21st on 144 entries. The top ten was of uneven quality, but hey now that I know it’s more a “friendly” vote contest than a quality of design and repeat, I’m still very proud of my design. This week is the “dinosaurs” contest.

I still managed to draw a water-colour/illustrated japanese cranes on winter background for Spoonflower’s book interviews, and a 30 fabric designs line of retro polka dots

Here’s some images of my entries :





Cut & Sew pencil case






Tonight I had to deliver the “Kuler” one. We had to determine a colour palette from a random photo using Kuler Application and from that palette design a fabric. I was really happy to discover Kuler’s application. It opened up an entire new branch of possibilities and ignition of creation for me so it had its purpose!

I took the weirdest photo I had taken to make it a challenge. It was a dumpster full of old mannequins in the old fashion district. It gave me a few palettes (you can choose from color moods) I chose the “DEEP” one. I then elaborated a birdcage design with lace in the background giving a little bit of “chinoiserie” feeling.

Kuler'sPickdeep Julie'sKuler'sPickDEEP01

So it was a fruitful vacation after all, even if it was an emotional roller coaster. Of course I wish I had drawn, sewn , taken pictures, painted and web designed  twice as much… but what are vacation for? let loose! So I did manage to forget which day it was for about 2 weeks…

High goals and vacation :)

In a few days I’ll be in vacation and oh boy do I have a list!

I need to re-do my website focussing on sewing lessons that I’m planning to give in september. Plan the sewing lessons. Prepare the way for the students (entry and bell). Finish the sewing studio (paint touch ups and decoration). Have fun in the process and take loads of photos to share !

I want to do my fabric website, now that i’m having more than a few fabrics, I could display them and make a on-line portfolio for fabric printers to see. Have fun in the process and take loads of photos to share !

I already drawn this week Spoonflower contest “Fireflies”. Continue drawing my weekly fabric for Spoonflower contest “Fashion” next week, “Cut and Sew Pencil Case” the one after (waiting for the third theme). Draw and add as much fabric designs as I can from my endless list of “Fabric Design Ideas” note/sketch book to my growing fabric library. Have fun in the process and take loads of photos to share !

Take my vacation, invite and visit friends and family take loads of photos to share the fun !

Do crafts, sewing projects and video projects, take loads of photos to share because I’ll have fun for sure !

I tend to overbook my vacations but I at the same time it makes it last so much longer and add satisfaction to it!

Keep you posted : )