Assassin’s Creed 1 costume details…Part III – Vambraces (arm plates)

I did the Vambraces (or arm plates) of the Assassin’s Creed 1 costume.

Here how I proceeded :

You will need for the vambraces :


– Foam sheets – Pen – Scissors – Silver pen wide tip  – Silver pen narrow  tip – Hole puncher


After printing the vambraces design (found them on deviant art) I cut each of the 5 leaving about 3mm – 1/8″ around them. Then I retraced around all of the 5 with a pen on a black foam sheets (dollar store). I cut all of them on the line with scissors.


With the printing on the side I retraced de design on each foam shape with the silver pen, making the details with the fine tip pencil.


I punched the holes with the hole puncher.


I managed to cut and sew a belt out of vinyl for my friend and we applied decorative nails with the industrial puncher.

Now I’m waiting for a photo from our assassin’s creed enthusiast!

The rest of the costume has been done with the very complete tutorial from this website :

I hope this tips and tricks will help you complete your Assassin’s Creed Costume.


Assassin’s Creed 1 costume details…Part II – Chest Buckle

I did the chest buckle for my friend’s teen son Assassin’s Creed 1 costume.

Here how I proceeded :


You will need for the chest buckle :

– A metal ruler – Scissors – A Utility knife – A Thick cardboard (3mm or 1/8”) – A cutting mat – A Pen – Something round like a penny – A hole puncher – Metal wire – Plyers – Contractor glue – Glue gun – spray glue – Aluminum foil – Q-tips – 3 metal ring (2cm or 3/4″) – Black paint – A paint brush – A rag or paper towel


° First I draw a triangle with rounds corners (using a button or a penny to do so).

Triangle has 7,75 cm (about 3″ ) sides.

° Then outlined the triangle on the thick cardboard

° Cut 2 times CAREFULLY with the utility knife on the cutting mat with the metal ruler for the sides




° I punched 3 holes at the 3 corners of ONE cardboard triangle with the hole puncher

° With the pliers I folded the metal wire so a loop would stick out of each of the 3 holes




° Try to level the wire on the same plan at the back of the triangle

° Fold the 2 ends of the metal wire inwards


° Put contractor glue inside the triangle were all the wires ends, leaving the loops outside and unglued

° Put the other triangle (without holes) on top of the glue

° Insert the rings into each loops with the helps of long-nose pliers

° Put a weight on top of it and let it dry over night


° Draw the sign of the chest buckle

° Follow the drawing with a hot glue gun to give it a raised design

° Cut a piece of foil slightly bigger than the triangle

° Spray glue OUTSIDE on the dullest side of the foil



° Put the foil sprayed surface towards triangle

° Push every bit of the surface to reveal the raised design made with the hot glue, do it with the Q-tips for the little details.

° Cut all around the triangle leaving just enough to fold it underneath the triangle

° Paint all the surface black

° Folding the paper towel to create a smooth surface, dab the surface just to wipe the paint off the raised part of the design.


° To finish we put vinyl belts through the rings and with a punch we hold in place the belts with decorative nails.

How-to-do the vambraces in part III …

Assassin’s Creed 1 costume details… from a Halloween “clinic” on my FB

I thought, after analyzing what people tell me and FB feedbacks, I would share my “out-of-the-box-get-it-done-as-perfectly-as-possible” thinking.

I posted on my FB, at the beginning of the month, a Halloween clinic for all my friends who know me and my solution thinking. So I got technical questions like how to do a “tutu” for underneath a princess dress, to inspirational questions like how would you approach a “queen of the Wolves”. But one of my student and dear friend have a teen boy who desperately wants to costume as Assassin’s Creed 1 for Halloween. Here’s an image from fan pop :


So she got the white Hoodie part down!  It’s pretty much basic sewing and very well explained on this web site :

I would add a bating layer to add a little thickness to it, if wanted, but I have nothing to add to this very well explained tutorial.

What she struggles with is the “triangle”part of the shoulder belts. It involves welding.

She also not quite sure how to attack the armplates called “vambraces”.  It involves professional broderie for the other.

So keep in mind that it’s a Halloween costume and not a cosplay costume and that time and money are limited.

I’ll try to help her and do the triangle part and arm plates with other easy to find materials “faking” the metal appearances with paint or foil. I’ll take photos and describe all my steps if ever you have an assassins creed enthusiastic friend who wants to do the same.

Wish me luck.