Fabric designs contests, refurbishing, submissions & sewing classes : bring it on 2014!!!

Since the beginning of the year I have a energy renewal. Many people have gone through a pretty difficult year in 2013 and attack 2014 with a different perspective.

I’ve continued to submit my designs to the Spoonflower weekly challenge, gave sewing classes, submitted my artwork to fabric manufacturer and refurbished a chair.

FABRIC DESIGN : Since the beginning of the year there has been 7 contests, the most difficult is yet to come. Toile de Jouy is this weeks contest. Famous female scientists is added to the theme making it interesting but still very hard to achieve. So until the deadline you’ll find me at my drawing table!

SEWING CLASSES : It’s going great. I have a little less students that I hoped for, but all is not lost : I manage to finished almost half of my un-finished projects and still going at it. I should be able to put up some of my work for sale on ETSY pretty soon and I got time to do an interior design concept. (It was awesome to return to my design expertise which wasn’t lost at all)

ARTWORK SUBMISSION : I pushed myself to submit the best of my artwork done in the past year to fabric manufacturers. I decided to submit once a month to a different company every month, for 12 months /or until one offers me a contract for one fabric or a collection. It’s officially my 2014 resolution. We’ll see what will come out of this experience.

FURNITURE REFURBISHING : I was always very drawn to vintage furniture and refurbished chairs, tables and other pieces to my tastes. But lately, I have so many ideas, I surprise myself looking at little adds on the web to find vintage, unloved or ugly (at first look) furniture. Last week I refurbished a chair and the Facebook response to it was amazingly hear warming!!!

Here’s a before / After photo of it :


I already have another chair lined up for a make-over.

Keep you posted on ALL my projects lined up and hope you have the same enthusiasm towards what will 2014 bring us in projects and other exciting+teaching+learning+humbling moments!


RESOLUTION 2013 done!

Today, on Sponflower.com the last contest of a full year participation, will be put up for voting. I’m so proud of myself. I managed to enter every contest that I could for an entire year.

Even if I’ll continue entering in the contests, this one is a step stone (or a mile stone?) The theme was AMAZING : magic show… So I challenged myself to the max and sat down on my drawing table and got to work. It took me a long time to come up with the idea of a collage of hand-drawings, newspaper background and textured-rich foreground .

Rabbits drawings

I draw 8 rabbits, first pencil, than pen to look as much as the old engraving (or etching prints). And the finish design submitted looks like this… tadaaaaa :


Really happy about the result. I hope I’ll be in the top ten with this “out of the box” textile design.

Since December, I’ve been adding to my textile designs library with basics like polka dots and chevrons. I now have more than 200 designs to sale. All of it done in my 2013 resolution. I plan to keep on adding to my library so it can become a little extra income (it never hurts).

At the beginning of this year I came in first place for the second time. I hope this performance won’t go un-noticed when I’ll knock on manufacturers doors.

I hope to everyone a resolution that’s kept, it’s a very rewarding feeling…

High goals and vacation :)

In a few days I’ll be in vacation and oh boy do I have a list!

I need to re-do my website focussing on sewing lessons that I’m planning to give in september. Plan the sewing lessons. Prepare the way for the students (entry and bell). Finish the sewing studio (paint touch ups and decoration). Have fun in the process and take loads of photos to share !

I want to do my fabric website, now that i’m having more than a few fabrics, I could display them and make a on-line portfolio for fabric printers to see. Have fun in the process and take loads of photos to share !

I already drawn this week Spoonflower contest “Fireflies”. Continue drawing my weekly fabric for Spoonflower contest “Fashion” next week, “Cut and Sew Pencil Case” the one after (waiting for the third theme). Draw and add as much fabric designs as I can from my endless list of “Fabric Design Ideas” note/sketch book to my growing fabric library. Have fun in the process and take loads of photos to share !

Take my vacation, invite and visit friends and family take loads of photos to share the fun !

Do crafts, sewing projects and video projects, take loads of photos to share because I’ll have fun for sure !

I tend to overbook my vacations but I at the same time it makes it last so much longer and add satisfaction to it!

Keep you posted : )

Singning crickets…

The results of the “Horses” Spoonflower weekly contest came in yesterday and as predicted I didn’t make top ten. But to my great surprise the top ten was’nt as I expected. I’m really happy that ‘Mulbery tree’ got to be in the 10 firsts with her sea horses it was well deserved. I scored a low 77th place out of 224 around the world contestants. I’m in the first third but I’m impatient to be back closer or in the top ten.

This week the theme was ditsy crickets (ditsy meaning small-scale scattered patterns). I was really happy about my design and hopping  (and it’s been true for each week) that nobody had the same Idea. This week I’m ALONE! Nobody had nearly the same inspiration and color choice. I stand out. I’m really happy about my guts. The response was numerous and fast. I had 12 comments and favourites waiting for me when I got home from work. Normally when I score well I have about half that a day. I’m hopeful again, but still supertitiously crossing my fingers and toes wishing for a good outcome.

Here’s the design I made :


This week-end I’m working on “Highways and Byways” and going to the flea market for inspiration and nic-nacs… I wish a full and inspired weekend to all!

Last minute change…

Last Monday night, I entered my design for the weekly contest “Horses” on Spoonflower. Due date for contests is always tuesday midnight.I was happy to finish 1 day in advance, normally it’s a tuesday last minute due to various reasons (life!). It was very intricate “Escher” influenced and a nightmare of mathematics for repetition. Tuesday morning not that excited about the design itself, I started all over. From scratch! But in 6h I designed a very light carousel with horses, witch I’m very happy and proud of. Here’s the link to it.


So tomorrow, thursday at noon, I’ll know my performance at the “picnics” contest and the Horses Contest will be up online for people to vote. 


Since the beginning of this journey I’m giving myself challenges every week. Palette restriction (sometimes its required by the contest itself), repetition half-drop and half-brick is harder than basic and mirrors, trying to do parts of a collection, new DIY projects, etc…

So for the next few weeks I’m gonna try more efficiency (enter the contests sooner) and more guts. Go with my heart rather than my brains! I proved myself thatI could design a fabric faster so I’ll work on that!

That’s it for today. I’m starting the design of ditsy crickets, yeh!

P.S. to my follower(s) please accept my apologies for any grammar or spelling mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

Fabric swatches in the Mailbox

Today, I received 15 swatches of my fabric designs. I’m so happy!

It also means that I can now put up for sale those 15 new designs (by logic I need a proof of print before putting my designs up for sale on my shop : http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/juliesfabrics )

Now I’ll take a picture of each to put it on to my FlickrImage


Recent trends – Spoonflower

Its always fun to be posted on the “Recent Trends” first page of Spoonflower website. I’m hoping it brings people to my Spoonflower shop : http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/juliesfabrics


Since the beginning of this journey, the sales are increasing a little every week (a few cents to a dollar at a time). I can understand why other Spoonflower designers have several hundreds of fabric to sale.

LAST WEEK : All thought i didn’t make it to the top ten “citrus” contest, I still sold as much fabric as if I did. I have to say that I designed 3 patterns in 3 colors (so 9 fabrics) to make a collection out of it. And I have 2 more patterns in mind in 3 colors (6 fabrics) to add to it. Will see the response.

THIS WEEK : I’m currently brainstorming/drawing for the “Horses” weekly contest. Wish me luck 🙂