Outside Living Room – THE LISTS


I’m a list maker, follower, believer… Because so many persons of my family & friends want to see the lists; Here it is!


  • Top soil (garden center)
  • Stone dust (garden center)
  • Concrete borders 8″ high (Hardware store)
  • Concrete corners 8″ high (Hardware store)
  • Concrete mix (Hardware store)
  • Slate Slab Patio Stones (Hardware store)
  • Decorative white stones (Hardware store)
  • Sun Shelter (Hardware store) 10′ x 12′
  • Concrete Screws  (Hardware store)
  • Exterior String Lights (Costco)
  • Modular Sofa (Hardware store)
  • Cushions (Home made with fabric for the exterior)
  • Decorative Baril (HomeSense )
  • Lawn soil (Hardware store)
  • Grass seeds (Hardware store)

TO DO List :

  • Determine placement of patio respecting city laws for fence distances
  • Dig a rectangle 1′ larger than the sun shelter on each sides and 1′ deeper  than the sun shelter on each end 6″ deep
  • Dig 2″ more for borders and install borders and corners to form rectangle 12′ x 14′ (if your sun shelter is 10′ x 12′)
  • Mold pieces with concrete mix if doesn’t arrive to a complete border by pouring the mix in between the distanced borders and 2 ply-woods
  • Put top soil all around, level it and compact it living 4″ below border tops
  • Mold 4 inside corners slabs with concrete mix with the help of wood pieces to form 24″  X 24″  Slabs (it will make a sturdy base for each of the Sun Shelter columns)
  • Put stone dust all around, level it and compact it living 1″ 1/2 below border tops
  • Put Slate Slab Patio Stones in the pattern you chose, level them
  • Fill in between the slabs with decorative white stones
  • Mount the Sun Shelter
  • Screw the Sun Shelter in the middle of the dried  previously poured concret corners slabs with concrete Screws
  • Add curtains and mosquito net
  • Zip-tie string lights to the roof structure of the sun shelter
  • Mount sofa
  • Decorate
  • Put Lawn soil were the lawn has been destroy
  • Throw grass seeds over the lawn soil
  • Water the seeds (see instructions on grass seed package)

Don’t forget to enjoy every summer moment and share it with friends and family 🙂