Outside Living Room – THE LISTS


I’m a list maker, follower, believer… Because so many persons of my family & friends want to see the lists; Here it is!


  • Top soil (garden center)
  • Stone dust (garden center)
  • Concrete borders 8″ high (Hardware store)
  • Concrete corners 8″ high (Hardware store)
  • Concrete mix (Hardware store)
  • Slate Slab Patio Stones (Hardware store)
  • Decorative white stones (Hardware store)
  • Sun Shelter (Hardware store) 10′ x 12′
  • Concrete Screws  (Hardware store)
  • Exterior String Lights (Costco)
  • Modular Sofa (Hardware store)
  • Cushions (Home made with fabric for the exterior)
  • Decorative Baril (HomeSense )
  • Lawn soil (Hardware store)
  • Grass seeds (Hardware store)

TO DO List :

  • Determine placement of patio respecting city laws for fence distances
  • Dig a rectangle 1′ larger than the sun shelter on each sides and 1′ deeper  than the sun shelter on each end 6″ deep
  • Dig 2″ more for borders and install borders and corners to form rectangle 12′ x 14′ (if your sun shelter is 10′ x 12′)
  • Mold pieces with concrete mix if doesn’t arrive to a complete border by pouring the mix in between the distanced borders and 2 ply-woods
  • Put top soil all around, level it and compact it living 4″ below border tops
  • Mold 4 inside corners slabs with concrete mix with the help of wood pieces to form 24″  X 24″  Slabs (it will make a sturdy base for each of the Sun Shelter columns)
  • Put stone dust all around, level it and compact it living 1″ 1/2 below border tops
  • Put Slate Slab Patio Stones in the pattern you chose, level them
  • Fill in between the slabs with decorative white stones
  • Mount the Sun Shelter
  • Screw the Sun Shelter in the middle of the dried  previously poured concret corners slabs with concrete Screws
  • Add curtains and mosquito net
  • Zip-tie string lights to the roof structure of the sun shelter
  • Mount sofa
  • Decorate
  • Put Lawn soil were the lawn has been destroy
  • Throw grass seeds over the lawn soil
  • Water the seeds (see instructions on grass seed package)

Don’t forget to enjoy every summer moment and share it with friends and family 🙂


Decoration for Halloween & Winter/Christmas – hand made BROOMS

For Halloween I wanted to decorate dramatically the way to the front door for all the trick or treaters.

This year we had a few wind storms that made branches from the trees fall off, way more than usual. So, since it was tricky to get rid of it all (city overwhelmed by the amount) I decided to use them… to decorate!

IMG_0800 IMG_0801

I decided I would do witch brooms. I collected all the little branches to make the bristles and 5 big ones 2″ (5cm) diameter and 6′ (1m75) long to make the handle.

With a pair of pruner and lopper I cut all the little branches in 12″ (30cm) to 24″ (60cm) sections. and made 5 piles evenly distributed  (the best that I could).

To the tip of a handle, I attached the thickest of the little branches all around with twine-nat rope. I put gloves to make it tight without burning my hands and asked for a second pair of hands to help me hold everything while I was attaching the bristles . I made three layers from the thickest to the thinnest bristles. Attaching the branches in bunches the best and the tightest that I could.


I didn’t care about the perfection of it because; I thought it would look like a witch made it up herself, and in a hurry so…. It gave imperfect, perfect witches brooms!

Once all five were done I attach the handle the the hand rail with fat tie-raps.

IMG_0804 IMG_0806

I dispersed the brooms all the way up to the front door, bristles up to make a creepy – witchy entrance for the trick or treaters and voilà !


But wait for it… I took them off after Halloween,  but I kept all them for the winter time, so I can make snow man with beautiful brooms 🙂


I hope you liked my DIY Halloween / Winter-Christmas easy to make BROOM-decoration!